Monday, May 08, 2006

Face it, your country is just stupid 

Do you think Iran knows that it's crazy? Or realizes that the rest of the world thinks they're ass-backwards? I truly wonder if they're aware. I only bring it up because today, after a "breakthrough" declaration, Iran showed it's true colors and decided that women are still shit. Their scum-of-the-Earth president even made the announcement last month that women would be allowed to attend to socccer games, but was overruled by "Iran's supreme leader," Ayatollah Al Khameni. So, with the knowledge of how today's trumping of their president came to be, can anyone even comprehend how the Iranian government is run? Or how unbelievably useless President Mahmoud "Israel's #1 fan" Ahmadinejad is? The Ayatollah basically jams his fingers up Mahmoud's ass and works him like a finger puppet. Like-minded nations in the region (you know, "friends" of Israel) don't see how absurd this is?

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