Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I've just finished watching this incredible game 5 between Phoenix and the LA Clippers (saw all but the third quarter and half the fourth -- when Phoenix blew a 19-point lead). Awesome game. Double overtime, Suns win and have a chance to finish the series on Thursday. Shawn Marion? Love that guy (one of my dreams would be the Lakers acquiring him in a trade, straight up, for Smush Parker and a bag of basketballs). Some Phoenix loyalty still lingering for those Suns. Anyway, I titled this post "flatlining" because that's the pulse of Los Angeles regarding this series. Even at this late stage of the playoffs, this city just cannot get excited about the Clippers. If it were the Lakers still playing, LA would be buzzing about purple and gold 'til everyone's ears bleed. The Clippers? Nada. I was listening to sports radio this afternoon (y'know? 'cause) and they were making the same point, noting that they actually have to solicit phone calls from Clipper fans, whereas Laker fans would be flooding the phonelines. I guess it'd take a Clipper championship for this city to get excited about LA's "other" basketball team.

Also, I saw the season finale of Scrubs tonight (that's where I was during the third quarter and half of the fourth during the Suns game) and, well, yeah, I really want to have explicit relations with Elizabeth Banks. Like, a lot.

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