Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I haven't forgotten 

It's still there. In the pit of my stomach. In the back of my head. The memory remains. Laker fans know it as a painful one: 1993. That link will educate you on a little history. Namely, the last time the Phoenix Suns were favored in a playoff series against LA. The scenario now very much mirrors the situation then and tonight's game 5 did little to quell my fears of a repeat occurance.

F'ing disgusting effort from LA. I think it was actually over when Diaw converted, like, his twelfth 3-point play to end the second quarter and suddenly make it a 9-point game at halftime. Suns never looked back. And the Lakers seemingly didn't care. The only reason I watched the whole thing was because my intense rage had reached a boiling point early in the third quarter, resulting in a complete shutdown of my senses. This game looked exactly like one of their regular season matchups. You know? The ones where Phoenix does as they please and the Lakers don't even try in the second half? Like one of those. If the Lakers don't win game 6, they're not winning this series.

If there is any ray of hope, though, it's that Raja Bell won't be playing in game 6 on Thursday. At least he had better not. I fucking hate that dirty asshole and have for a while, now. Unbelievably blatant attempt to hurt Kobe. The guy is King Flop Artist, too. Makes Vlade Divac look like Kurt Rambis. Now more than ever, I hope Kobe has a field day en route to a Laker victory in game 6 just so that Bell has to suffer the guilt of being a selfish asshole and letting his team down by being such an idiot. I really hate that guy. Just looking at his face, even. Man, I hate his face...

Also, for the last time, Phil Jackson, would you please limit Smush Parker's playing time to somewhere between 5-8 minutes? Seriously. I saw Aaron McKie of all people on the floor tonight. I know you're capable of doing that.

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