Monday, May 15, 2006

Not to be outdone 

Spam is an art form and something I'm seriously considering taking up professionally. Enjoy the following:

From: "jenny jovanni"
To: "brittany matya"
Subject: Love isn't just for the smart of talented, but for all the amimals God created

Good afternoon,

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5) Would you like to hear from the babes 'he was the best man in my life?

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it depends on ability to keep its hard-on up to several hours! And that's
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Generic Viagra - the new generation pills!
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and had heard her sisters' merry laughter outside. "Well, but what did you buy this mass of things for?" said the princess, smiling, and handing her husband a cup of coffee. "One goes for a walk, one looks in a shop, and they ask you to buy. '_Erlaucht, Durchlaucht?_' Directly they say '_Durchlaucht_,' I can't hold out. I lose ten thalers." "It's simply from boredom," said the princess. "Of course it is. Such boredom, my dear, that one doesn't know what to do with oneself." "How can you be bored, prince? There's so much that's interesting now in Germany," said Marya Yevgenyevna. "But I know everything that's interesting: the plum soup I know, and the pea sausages I know. I know everything." "No, you may say what you like, prince, there's the interest of their institutions," said the colonel. "But what is there interesting about it? They're all as pleased as brass halfpence. They've conquered everybody, and why am I to be pleased at that? I haven't conquered anyone; and I'm*


*Yeah, it just ends. Not that it would've made any more sense had the sentence been completed. An absurdist masterpiece, regardless. I'm semi-convinced that all the words in bold are the clues to some great, mystical question. So dark the con of man or some such thing.

Anyway, Erlaucht, Durchlaucht, to you all.

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