Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pleasure and Pain 

My stomach is twisted in knots, right now, and I have serrrrrrrious sexy phone voice, but the last two nights were incredible amounts of debaucherous fun. Apparently, if I'm drunk enough, a dueling piano bar (usually death) is the ultimate playground. And hey, when the bucket (literally) of mai thais you've been drinking runs out, don't be surprised when a water fight breaks out with the remaining ice cubes. By that point, you'll be so wasted that you won't care if you're wet. Good times. Thanks to the tabs I accrued while having fun, I'm pretty sure I can't spend any money for a week. Damn debit cards lulling you into a false sense of financial security, taking advantage of your inebriation...

The season finale of The Office this past week was awesome. Naturally. The ending made me wonder, though. If you're not familiar with the show and for some reason haven't seen the finale, be ready for a possible spoiler (if you're oblivious to evertyhing on the show). I was wondering how many guys trapped in the unrequited office romance -- or friend zone, whichever -- saw this episode and tried the same thing with their desired women. This show could've been that last bit of nerve they needed to either flush their respective friendships down the drain or finally be happy. I'm betting a lot of the former happened.

The best time to go to a baseball game is a weekday afternoon. Preferably early afternoon. This past Thursday I went to the Dodgers v Astros game (Houston won 4-2) and it was great. If I had a job, right now, it would've felt like I was ditching work. The crowd isn't overwhelming (which means parking isn't too bad). Yup. Just get some Dodger dogs, some shitty nachos, a beverage, and enjoy with friends. Baseball really was meant to be played on a beautiful afternoon.

I actually saw Poseidon on opening day. No, seriously, I did. Apparently, I was one of the only ones because that movie is tank-job central. Even more so than Crazy Tom Cruise III. Clocking in at the box office at just over $20 mil. In the movie's defense, while it is pretty dumb, it is exactly what you expect it to be. So, if you were in the mood for a brainless popcorn flick that holds your interest while still holds to several cringe-worthy summer movie cliches, this is it. The filmmakers know why you're there, too. Within ten minutes, the rogue wave hits the ship. Now that's cutting to the chase. One thing made abundantly clear by this movie, reaffirming something I've always felt, is that Emmy Rossum is terrible at everything.

I would laugh so much if this came true. Remember when the Knicks were a real franchise?

There have been a lot of surprises during these Stanley Cup playoffs, but I don't think anyone saw Ottawa losing in five games in the second round coming. The reason why that happened seems pretty obvious, though: No Dominik Hasek.

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