Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Walk on! 

I know it happened on Saturday, but I'm still buzzing about one of the greatest matches in Liverpool history. FA Cup champs and it feels so good. Bless you, Stevie Gerrard. Bless you. And now Robbie Fowler has put pen to paper. It's a fantastic time to be a Liverpool supporter.

Borrowing a quote I found on the LFC message boards: [Michael] Owen has just got to be kicking himself, he left to win the big ones and he missed out on European Cup Final, Carling Cup Final, FA Cup Final, Super Cup, World Club Championship and next year hopefully another Charity Shield and a title run.

That's a lot of hardware left behind for a failed run at Real Madrid. Hope he's enjoying the... uh... "life" at Newcastle. His talent is wasted there.

Only 23 days until the World Cup...

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