Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Added incentive to hate on Ghana this Thursday 

Apology for Israeli flag-waving at World Cup

Ghana apologized after one of its soccer players waved an Israeli flag at the World Cup. John Pantsil’s gesture during a weekend game against the Czech Republic was aimed at solidarity with the Hapoel Tel Aviv soccer team, which he usually plays for, but it raised eyebrows among Arabs.

A Ghana Football Association spokesman apologized [*cough* PUSSIES *cough*] Monday and said Pantsil had been cautioned.

“He is obviously unaware of the implications of what he did. He’s unaware of the international politics. We apologize to anybody who was offended and we promise that it will never happen again,” the spokesman said. “He did not act out of malice for the Arab people or in support of Israel. He was naive.”

FIFA, the organization overseeing the World Cup in Germany, said it had no problem with Pantsil’s gesture.

Do I have to add anything? At least FIFA had the sense to call it a harmless gesture. This is so kazaam.

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