Thursday, June 15, 2006

Exchanges like these are fun 

So this douche of a producer -- the epitome of ignored middle management -- is running around the floor, seeing if people want to order pizza. He steps into my office, brimming with confidence.

Douche - Hey, you'll eat pizza, right?
Me - Man, I could house a pizza.
Douche - You could house a pizza?
Me - I could house a pizza.


Douche - That means you could eat a whole pizza, right?
Me - Yes.
Douche - Well, gee, Alan, I didn't realize you were so into the black lingo.


Me - Um, it's not exclusively black by any means.
Douche - It's not?
Story Producing Partner - No. It's even more of, like, a frat guy thing.
Douche - Oh.


Me - I could house a pizza.

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