Monday, June 12, 2006

I keep telling you, we are not elite 

#5 rated team in the world? I don't think so.

Czechs whipped US 3-0. I was expecting 2-0 Czechs. I wasn't able to see the game, but judging from the gamecast online and the match report, it sounded like a blowout. So, you know, not surprised that the US lost, but man did everyone get brought back to Earth. Now, the US has to win their next two games to assure a place in the next round. Tall order, especially with the Italians being next. But win both those games and they recover from this nightmare start. That's the only way they can control their destiny. The only way the US fails to progress even if they win their next two games is if two other teams (Czech and Italy) also finish with a 2-1 record and have a better goal difference. I think a draw with the Italians is possible, but not likely if the performance is anything like today. Unless the Italians play down to our level, this WC will be ending early for Sam's Army.

Finally, we can put this nonsense about being "#5 in the world" to rest. Any Americans still out there, clinging to the idea that the FIFA rankings are at all accurate, I hope you're paying attention.

Also, while it sucks for the US, I'm happy to see Italy win their opener. And huge congrats to Australia for netting three goals in the last ten minutes to beat Japan. That was exciting.

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