Monday, June 26, 2006

A Prairie Home Companion 

It's a thoroughly average film. It entertains, sure, trucking right along, if not at a deliberately cumbersome pace. But I have to wonder why it necessitated a feature film. It's not much more than a live radio broadcast of the show with warm interstitials mixed in between. Had the movie been that and nothing more, I probably would've been more content with it. However, they felt the need to chuck in some stock characters that had little, if anything, to contribute. Namely, the roles played by Virginia Madsen (what a dumb storyline), Tommy Lee Jones (oooohh! aren't businessmen just awful? always wanting to make progress and turn a buck), and Kevin Kline (yes! even him! with his out-of-place Clouseau knock-off). It's enough, to me, that the "show" within the film happens to be at the end of it's run and thus opens itself to plenty of commentary about how they don't make radio like they used to. The story is paper-thin as it is, but it doesn't really need much more. Sadly, there was more...

Look, it is a warm sentiment that this movie brings to the table, but know that the happy little characters had Tommy Lee Jones killed. Uh, that would make them murderers. Good thing that angel was there to dispense her own brand of vigilante justice, ignoring that the money-hungry Texan hasn't actually done anything wrong short of being ignorant. And his death was in vain! It didn't change anything!


Having Madsen play an angel, alone, smacks of arrogance. "Hey. Hey! We've got angels on our side. Fucking angels! They'll murder for us, we're that good. Our show is so vital and important that angels will murder in cold blood for us."

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