Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Really doesn't get better than this 

Short of going to overtime, game one of the Cup Finals had just about anything a hockey fan could ever want. Chris Pronger scored the first ever goal via penalty shot in a Stanley Cup Finals game. Rod Brind'Amour capped an unreal Carolina comeback thanks to a blunder by sudden Edmonton keeper Ty Conklin. Craziness. Conklin being thrown into the mix as a result of Dwayne Roloson's torn MCL changes the complexion of this series drastically. Roloson had played every minute of the playoffs up until sustaining his injury in the third period last night. Conklin's gaff with 31 seconds left in the game illustrates just how significant that is. If the Oilers don't win game two tomorrow, this one could be over in five, rather than my earlier prediction of seven. If tomorrow's game is anything like last night's, though, this may be the greatest Stanley Cup Finals ever.

*Crazy Hobo News*
There's a crazy homeless guy who lives on the corner of my street in the "Exaco" (formerly "Texaco" -- I'm not even kidding) station/chop shop. His favorite past times include sleeping, arranging his possession -- mostly bottles and soiled blankets -- on the sidewalk, and furiously shadow boxing a mailbox while viciously swearing at it. He was arrested today. Handcuffed, at least. By the time I got back from grocery shopping, he was sans police officers and very sedate in his corner of the chop shop lot. Is this the dawn of a kinder, gentler hobo?


I don't know. Dude is crazy.

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