Friday, June 16, 2006

Wow, how impressive was that?? 

As it my routine, I woke up again at 6 a.m. to catch World Cup before going to work. I watched Argentina clobber Serbia and Montenegro 6-0 this morning. That kind of scoreline I've seen before, but it's the way Argentina played that just floored me. Absolutely beautiful on every level. In the five World Cups I've watched, it stands out as perhaps the best single performance I've ever seen from a team on this stage. Every goal was a picture of fluid beauty, combination passing, one-touch give and go, clinical finishing... Wow. Maxi scoring on the run in the 6th minute, Cambiasso's goal off the backheel from Crespo (goal of the tournament! I think seven Argentines set that one up), Saviola finding Maxi for goal #3 before halftime. And the Serbs simply quit in the second half. They may as well not even have been on the field. For a team that surrendered just one goal in ten qualification matches... man, it was unreal how they were picked apart. Then Kezman gets red-carded and Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez get subbed on the field. Messi (MESSI!), the 18 year-old, had a goal and an assist in just 15 minutes of playing time. Tevez scored an excellent goal himself. Wow. Just wow. Maybe I'm just talking to myself, here, but Argentina played the beautiful game beautifully. Best of all, they left their typical whining and cheating in the locker room and just performed with class and skill on the field. And you know who was taking notes? Brazil. No way the champs are going to let their rival show them up. Come Sunday, watch Brazil come out inspired and explosive (look out Australia!).

On tap tomorrow, must-win for USA. Against Italy. Yeah... That's a problem. Oh, and in hockey, Carolina gave Edmonton a second life after the OT blunder in game five. The series heads back to Canada for game six, Saturday, and the Oilers are revitalized.

Also, when I have time in the near future, I have to have to have to dedicate a lengthy post to the Douchey Producer (prodoucher?) I mentioned in the last post. He "entertained" me for a solid 45 minutes to an hour last night and it was all gold. All of it. That will come when I'm not swamped. And it will be amazing, I promise. So help me, all I can be bothered to talk about, right now, is World Cup and the prodoucher.

God bless America.

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