Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Patent pending 

Don't even think about stealing this one because the copyright is already in the works. Belts. They're great, aren't they? They keep your pants up, they're shiny, we love belts! What else do we love? Bears! Duh! I propose a "bear belt." Who doesn't want a couple of giant bear paws clasping around their waist? It's like if you're doing the dishes and then your honey sneaks up from behind you and wraps their arms around your waist, holding you ever so close and tight. Just like that. But bears. We're not talking imitation bear, either. Two full on bear arms fashioned into a belt. I'm going to be so rich. Fuck P.E.T.A.

Other things...

- I had quite the freakout when Italy beat Germany today. It looked a certainty that the game was headed for penalty kicks a.k.a. Italy was sure to lose. However, when Fabio Grosso scored that goal to make it 1-0 late in extra time, I, as well as the rest of Big Wangs sports bar and grill, erupted into a frenzy. Trumbo and I were picking each other up in the air, screaming like crazies. Poor Adam was about to cry in his beer, German flag wrapped around his neck like a cape. And then when Del Piero made it 2-0? Oh, forget it. Total ecstasy. I don't much care who wins tomorrow (I suppose I'd prefer to see the French come out on top), but I can't wait for Sunday. This Italian squad is going to do it.

- I still really dig San Diego. What a fun city. That being said, a memo to Pacific Beach: Dudes, invest in a fucking parking structure.

- While in SD, took a tour of the USS Midway. I'll keep it short: it was very cool. I have an urge to join the Navy, now. Civilian life is for squares. "And I'm proud to be an American..."

- Dude. Fireworks. Yeah.

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