Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sports Guy goes EPL 

I'm elated that such a wildly popular sports columnist as Bill Simmons has turned the corner from "boorish American who dismisses soccer as boring" to "enlightened sports fan." In a previous article, he noted something that should resonate with all American sports fans, (paraphrasing) that he's not necessarily a fan of soccer, but he is a fan of exciting sport of the highest quality. That's why he's decided to adopt an English Premier League team to support (you'll note that he hasn't given any consideration to MLS). The World Cup converted him and that is fantastic to see. I do have to say, though, that I'm slightly crushed by his decision to choose Tottenham Hotspur over Liverpool as his team of choice. Congrats, Trumbo. Simmons' reasoning is pretty arbitrary, but isn't the whole article? For a novice, he actually offers a pretty decent breakdown of what each EPL team is all about with a few notable missteps. For example, under absolutely no circumstances should Theo Walcott ever be referred to as "the LeBron James of the EPL."

Still, reading this column has me all excited for the start of the next season. Only one month away!

Walk on!

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