Friday, July 14, 2006

Time for a change 

To look at the news, lately, is to know that our world is doomed. Be it in Israel, Mumbai, whatever... We're all going to die. Horribly.

That's why I choose to distract myself with sports! Moving right along...

He's finally out! Changing of the guard for Team USA.

I've always thought that Bruce Arena was a good coach, but Team USA's performance last month really encapsulated all the reasons why a change at coach should have been made sooner. Arena has taken this team as far as he can and eight years as the head coach of a national team is unheard of. It's a mentality unique to the US that if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Around the world, no national coach is ever secure as soccer federations are always striving to be better. It's a shift in perspective that US soccer sorely needs in order to reignite the progress they had been making before their setback in Germany.

Anyway, if Marcello Lippi can step down, Bruce Arena can definitely be let go. Change is good. I firmly believe, too, that the new coach does not need to be American. In fact, I think grabbing a coach with European pedigree might be just the thing the national team needs. With that in mind, how easily can you see Jurgen Klinsmann on the sideline for the US? Not saying it will happen, but I can very easily imagine it.

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