Monday, September 18, 2006


Raiders sucked dong, yesterday, but I was encouraged somewhat by the performance of the defense. Baltimore probably should've hung 45 on the scoreboard, but the Oakland D held them to several field goals instead. An accomplishment considering the inept offense put them in a hole all game long. Man, that offense is bad. I'm happy to see Andrew Walter in there, though. Even if Aaron Brooks recovers from his "shoulder injury," I think I'd prefer to see Walter be the starter for the remainder of the season. The good news is that next week they can't possibly lose... because they won't be playing.

Stuff that's annoying:
- ants
- Silverlake (obviously)
- that dude at the gym who always flexes naked in front of the mirror in the locker room (gross)
- people with selective memory who don't have a leg to stand on
- Myspace (worse than the "friend requests" are the log-in delays -- it's just not worth it, is it?)
- how bad the Raiders look
- Liverpool's mediocre start to the season
- the "Oh yeah, well I was "..." So there!" one-ups-manship (sp? I've never actually written one-ups-manship -- one-upsmanship? -- before) level of immaturity
- spam that doesn't contain any random passages of mangled Russian literature -- what fun are those?
- feeling sheepish about blowing $90 on drinks at a bar, only to do it again later
- hangovers
- my cable provider just dropped the NFL Network! What the fuck, Time Warner Cable?! Faceless Fuckers!
- manual transmission -- WHY?

Stuff that's great:
- sleeping in
- bumping into really old friends that you haven't seen in ages (especially when you don't even recognize them)
- doing it
- Sitemeter (those "returning visitor" reports do not lie... it's disturbing, actually)
- "The Authority" (it's just awesome)
- The Office (particularly that season 3 premieres this Thursday. Also, the "Booze Cruise" episode in season 2. It may not be the funniest of them all -- though it is funny -- but it's definitely in my top 3, if only for that last scene between Jim and Michael)
- Oakland A's are all but in the playoffs and Anaheim sucks. Love it! (let's not focus on how the A's will likely fold in the divisional playoffs)
- Studio 60 debuts tonight (It's one of perhaps three shows I'd like to invest time into this new TV season)
- I've got peace of mind on several fronts and it is deeply satisfying
- Crank (DELIVERS!)
- in just five days: Guns N' Roses and Alice in Chains (me: excited)
- I'm happy

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