Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Same old crappy Raiders 

Wow. That was embarrassing. Not unexpected, though. But surrendering 403 sacks (it was actually 9)? Disgusting. We deserved every bit of that 27-0 shelacking.

Other thoughts on week one:

- Brad Johnson looked like a man with a mission for this season last night. Vikings were the better team. Playoffs are in sight as long as long as Johnson is at the helm.

- Speaking of players at the helm, Kansas City is in major trouble if Trent Green ends up missing more than the expected three weeks. Not all bad for the Raiders, as the Chiefs and Broncos both lost. I like that.

- Reggie Bush impressed, sure, but two other rookies who looked awesome: Laurence Maroney of New England and Vernon Davis of San Francisco. On Maroney, he's pretty much the reason the Patriots escaped Buffalo this weekend.

- The loss of Edgerrin James leaves the Colts with a ridiculously one-dimensional offense. Dominic Rhodes is lousy. Didn't seem to matter, did it? But as the season goes on, Indy will have to figure out how to establish the run because it'll catch up with them at some point.

- Atlanta is for real. Carolina is cooked without Steve Smith.

- How about those Baltimore Ravens? And, uh, how about those Tampa Bay Yuck-aneers?

- Vince Young: one series = one interception. Get used to it, folks. Quarterback may be the most difficult position to master in sports, but VY is never getting there.

- Let's make one thing perfectly clear: Jacksonville beating Dallas on Sunday was NOT an upset. The Jaguars are a solid team, up and down. Fred Taylor's health is the eternal question mark, but if he's good, the Jags are great. With the AFC so difficult this season, Jacksonville could miss the playoffs, sure, but they could just as easily rep the conference in the Superbowl.

Okay, time to watch Liverpool v PSV. No Gerrard, Alonso, or Garcia starting? Maybe Rafa is planning ahead for Saturday's clash with Chelsea. Either that, or it's a desperate attempt to inspire the side after the shameful loss to Everton last weekend.

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