Friday, September 22, 2006

We belong to the night, we belong to eachother! 

Sorry, I've got Pat Benatar stuck in my head for some reason. I think it's because there's a commercial in heavy rotation on ESPNEWS featuring that song. Hmm...


- I was here. We marched around CBS and acted powerful angry. We were many in number. A limo pulls over on Beverly Boulevard and the back passenger window rolls down to reveal -- who else -- Harry Hamlin. "What's going," he asks. We fill him in and he pumps his fist in solidarity. "Power to the people," says The Hamlin. Look at Harry Hamlin, charismatic rabble-rouser. He is Perseus, after all. It's funny, I've been involved with this thing for a couple years, now, and, Wednesday morning more than ever, it felt like a giant social club. Sure, there's a significant cause we're pushing for, but the rally really felt like a big reunion for a lot of people. One of those instances where LA really is a small town and you bump into old friends you haven't seen since you worked together. Some applause, everyone, for the "Top Model 12."

- The Office of Finance for the City of Los Angeles sent me a notice of delinquency, this week, claiming that I owed several years of back taxes for the small business that I'm operating. COOL, RIGHT?! Yeah, so I don't own a small business. Now, I've got to go through a river of shit to clear this mess up once and for all -- something I thought I was rid of back in February. Turns out that because I worked a three-week stint in January of 2003 as a production assistant and was paid with a 1099, the city believes I'm an entrepreneur. Yay!

- Speaking of idiocy, I lost my debit card the other day (only to find it today because I'm a fucking putts). The night I lost it, though, I called up Bank of America to cancel it. The receptionist asks the requisite security questions, finally inquiring what my address is for verification. She tells me, horrified, "Oh my God... whoever entered your information misspelled 'Los Angeles.'" What could I say? "Wow. I'm very disheartened by that." There was a "p" in there, people. For the record, the misspelling was, "Les Angolps."

- What do you do if you find your dog rolling around in the grass on top of a dead squirrel, batting it around, using it as both a toy and a back-scratcher? Well, first you cover your nose and mouth because the smell is incapacitating. Get a plastic bag to put your hand over when you pick up the dead squirrel to chuck it in the garbage bin. Chain your dog to the wall, so that she won't run away when you blast her in the face with water while soaping her down. Wait for garbage to be collected, then hose out the inside of the garbage bin. It's a process.

- The Black Dahlia is just plain stupid. It's dumb, not a good movie. And it is because of it's dumbness that it is bad. To list off my problems with it would just get me angry, so I'm not going to do it. Nice photography, fair performances, stupid story. Acknowledging how awful his last couple movies have been, Brian De Palma is still horribly overrated.

- Oldboy? Now, there's a movie that is just totally nuts and all the way eff'd. It's good, too, if not completely disturbing in ways you never saw coming.

- Tough slate for week 3 of the NFL. I went a sparkling 14-2 last week, 13-3 against the spread. Give me my own 900-hotline, damn it! Pick of the week, no question, is Baltimore over Cleveland. Three great games this week and I'm picking the road team in all of them: Cincinnati over Pittsburgh, Jacksonville over Indianapolis, and NY Giants over Seattle. Other winners: Carolina, Chicago, Miami, Buffalo, Arizona, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, New England, and on Monday Night, Atlanta will beat the Saints in the first event to be held in the Superdome since Hurricane Katrina. You can bank on the NFL miliking that one.

- Want to see something cool? Check this out. I'm sure that the keeper is on suicide watch.

- Finally, tonight is Rosh Hashanah, so let me just wish everyone a happy new year. Have some apples and honey or something. L'shana Tova.

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