Friday, October 20, 2006

Back on the horse 

Have you ever encountered one of those people in your professional field that, while your equal, just really excites and inspires you? Makes you feel like your career isn't a lifeless mistake? I met that person today, an editor, and we just started working on an episode together. I must admit, this gig has had me anything but interested during my first two weeks, until this person popped up. You'd be amazed what a combination of vibrant energy, talent, and the ability to listen can envoke in another person. Now? Now, I'm into the show (one of the two, that is). Feels good.

A killer "B" weekend coming up:
Baseball - If the Cardinals can get past Justin Verlander, this is anyone's Series. Seriously. The Tigers may yet win, but they won't sweep.
Baby oil
Boo (for this list)

Week 7 NFL picks - pretty much the same as Bill Simmons, only I like the Giants to beat Dallas and Arizona -- in a battle of horrible horribleness -- to win, but not cover against Oakland. And while they won't cover, Denver, Indy, Miami, and Seattle all win, too.

Not sure if I've said it here, but it's worth repeating that Tracy Morgan is freaking hilarious on 30 Rock. I may watch the whole show just for him. Alec Baldwin is a pleasure, too, but Morgan has all the laughs. "I've got this character 'Ching Chong' who likes to play ping pong." Not the greatest series, but dudes... Morgan.

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