Monday, October 23, 2006

It figures... 

I stay awake through the drunkeness and the night on Saturday so that I can drag myself to Ye Olde King's Head Pub in Santa Monica at 5 a.m. to watch Liverpool vs Manchester United. Liverpool gets thoroughly out-classed on every level and embarrassed 2-0, leaving me annoyed and over-tired at 7:30 a.m. (when I finally went to bed). At least, through the daze I was in while driving home, I could appreciate how damn cool Santa Monica is on Sunday at 7a.m. A heavy fog sets in off the coast and the few stray homeless guys puttering around lend an atmosphere not unlike Silent Hill. Seeing a larger than life, bright red sun staring me in the face while on the 10-east was pretty sweet, too. But fuck, Liverpool are a massive cut below ManUre. Any thought of a championship is dead and buried. Hopefully, that will aleviate some pressure and allow to just focus on winning games and placing in the top four in the league.

Ironically, while making an arguous effort to watch Liverpool resulted in them losing, skipping the Raiders game yesterday afternoon actually resulted in them winning. The hell is going on here?!? Is it me??? A giant relief to get that first victory (thank you, Arizona Cardinals!!), as I really thought we'd go winless this year. Just when I think I have the NFL figured out, something ridiculous like week 7 happens and nearly every underdog wins, blowing my weekly pool to shit. A big "fuck you" to Jacksonville, who was a 9.5 point favorite yesterday to hapless Houston and ended up losing (coming off a bye week, mind you) 27-7. That one cost me the suicide pool I was in. Damn it!

At least the movie I saw instead of the Raiders game was good. The Prestige. (If you want to go into the theater clean, then why are you still reading?)

Pretty fun, engaging, perfectly logical within it's world -- everything makes absolute sense when all is said and done -- Wolverine, Batman, and Alfie are all great. However, as is so often alluded to with the magic within the film -- and as the film concedes within the closing narration -- once you find out the "how" of the prestige, the reveal, it can't help but be a little underwhelming. I'm not sure that there is any way to avoid that emotional letdown either, assuming everything in the movie remains as is. Without giving too much away, any competent viewer should be able to key in on the "prestige" of at least Wolverine's trick well before it is ever revealed, so to that end, you're just waiting to figure out "how." Much like magic. And once you find out the "how did he do that" that goes with the "what is going to happen next," eh... Wolverine and Batman play total jerks, by the way, which could play a part in how I felt as the credits rolled, so I'm not sure I was ever cheering for one to best the other. Their professional rivalry, however, is just great and at times takes on an almost "Spy vs Spy" feel (specifically, every time they don disguises). I like this movie. It's good. Very good. But I don't love it.

I'll wrap this up by saying that from Thursday night to Sunday morning, I was breathing alcohol. Almost. Three birthday parties in that time. I could certainly feel the vodka in my lungs everytime I coughed. Sundays are for detoxing. Also, heads up for anyone in LA, don't go to "Red Buddha." Ever. That place sucks.

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