Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Last night 

Caught the game, caught some TV. There is no "perfect" TV out there.

Friday Night Lights - If pressed to say, this early, what is the best new show out there, I'd probably go with this one. It's very well put together and the drama and madness inherent within the setting -- whether you understand a lick of football or not -- is undeniable. It may, in the long run, be a more satisfying experience than the film of the same name because time constraints are such in a movie that you can never delve too deep -- or sometimes, even at all. I'd chalk this up as another "pro" under why television is a more compelling storytelling medium than film. There's actually time to play and experiment. I think most people know my stance on sports films: they're mostly shallow and could never possibly capture the authenticity of the real thing. Why would I watch a sports movie when I could watch sports? We've heard all the backstory before, right? So that's a credit to the developers for putting FNL into a long form. However, the show's biggest strike against -- and I don't see this changing, sadly -- are the wall-to-wall music beds underneath each and every freaking scene. For crying out loud, have a little faith that the dramatic content on screen is strong enough to stand on it's own without some ridiculous driving electric guitar noise. Because those tense moments do exist within FNL. I'll be damned if the stupid music doesn't take me out of a scene each and every time. I hate it. You just know that it's a network note, too.

Veronica Mars - Last night's episode was pretty damn mediocre. Veronica's in college, now, but you wouldn't know it because it took but two episodes to re-establish a haves (09ers/Greeks) vs have nots (PCHers/Independants) theme on the show. And once again, our heroine is caught in the middle. Can't make it too different, huh? I have a bad feeling, however, that the complexity of Veronica's predicament won't be that grey. Please, please, please don't let this rape mystery be as transparent as it's been set-up to be. If I've learned anything from this show, it's that we probably saw the villain during this episode (my money's on the "intimidating girl") and with Rob Thomas apparently out for shorter mystery arcs, well, we'll see how quickly they can come up with something... The Greeks are bad! The Greeks are bad! I'll tell you what, it's played out and just too easy. Surely, there'll be more to it, right? The guys (aside from Keith who had a nice walkabout) on this show have forever been fading into obscurity, but I wonder what, if anything, they're going to do with Logan this season. He's slowly being relegated to Duncan-status. That's bad. Hey, remember when Rider Strong guest-starred on this show? That made me laugh.

Game 1 ALCS - Just a miserable performance from Oakland, Zito getting battered in the 4th inning. Had, what, ten chances with runners in scoring position and blew every single one of them. Four double-plays. The silver-lining, however, is that the A's were able to get on base. The hits were coming, just not when they needed them most. Hopefully, we get that one big hit against Verlander today.

I call bullshit -- again -- on the national sports media. Game 1 of the ALCS was last night, but your lead story -- and all anyone could talk about -- was whether or not Joe Torre would be retained as manager of the eliminated New York Yankees? Fuck you.

And while I'm riding the national sports media, I'd just like to take a moment and chuckle at the fact that Drew Henson, everyone's can't miss golden boy QB, just got cut from the Minnesota Vikings practice squad. "Oh, but it doesn't matter that he's been out of football for three years, he's totally proven! Heck, he should've been the #1 pick in the draft! He's going to take the Cowboys to the Superbowl! I know they just signed him a week ago, but he should be starting right now! He's a pro-bowler!" Remember all that baseless bullshit? I do. Eat crow, bitches.

Soon, I'll share with you just how quiet my new job is. I think I just saw a tumbleweed roll by. And this family I'm watching... wow... go America...

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