Friday, October 06, 2006

Meet me at the Liz Claiborne outlet store 

Last night's Office was one of the funniest in quite some time and the first time that I've felt comfortable with having Jim outside of the Scranton branch. That's due largely in part to "Call of Duty," but it feels like there's finally something meaningful starting to happen there, rather than just stalling until he returns to Scranton. But last night was a Dwight episode and, man, was he on fire. Brilliance. It strikes me as sort of amazing that a show as bland and meh as My Name is Earl can be paired with The Office.

Can the A's finish off Minnesota today? They had better or else I'm cracking open the whiskey and not turning back. Why the urgency? Well, the A's have become infamous for blowing 2-0 leads in a best of five series. Get this monkey off their back and they may just make a run all the way. Who knows? Another Mark Kotsay inside-the-park homerun would be nice.

Battlestar Galactica returns tonight and I am excited about that. Cylon occupation? Delicious. I can only hope and pray that they don't waste any time filling in the "year in between" since settlement. Seriously, it would be a colossal waste of time to do so. Everything you ever needed to know about that year was explained in the last ten minutes of last season's finale.

Speaking of things that returned this week of which I was happy about, both Lost and the NHL satisfied. Though the former wasn't mind-blowing by any stretch and the flashbacks continue to drag on, it was a good establishing point. I really enjoyed that they just focused on the prison camp. As far as I'm concerned, the more screentime Henry Gale has, the better. While Ecko and Locke are still my favorite characters, their stories pale in comparison, now, to what's happening with the prisoners.

Yeah, hockey! Kings drop the puck on their season tonight against Anaheim. They'll play the hated ones an additional seven times this season, after tonight. If they can nab three wins off the Ducks, I'll be psyched. It's a brutal start to the year, but fortunately they've got St. Louis on Saturday night, so hopefully it evens out. I need to go to some games this year. Saw eight last season and it was the bees knees. You know... if bees were cool and had knees or whatever. But they're not, they're just stupid bees!

NFL week 5 is upon us. Another tough week. Here goes...
(pointspread winner in bold)
-11 Chicago over Buffalo
-6 New Orleans over Tampa Bay -- The Bucs are starting Bruce Gradkowski at QB. Bet against them!
NY Giants over Washington +4
-19 Indianapolis over Tennessee
-9 Carolina over Cleveland
- 9.5 New England over Miami
St. Louis over Green Bay +3
Minnesota over Detroit +6
Jacksonville over NY Jets +7
-3 Kansas City over Arizona
-2 Philadelphia over Dallas -- Even with the injuries! And shut up about T.O.!
+3.5 Oakland over San Francisco -- Why do I do this to myself?
-3.5 San Diego over Pittsburgh -- Best game of the week. Steelers offense still rusty? I like the Chargers at home.
-4 Denver over Baltimore -- Monday nighter should be good, too. Broncos at home, coming off a bye week. Ravens are fighting uphill all the way.

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