Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My dinner last night was... 

Some birthday cake, a few potato chips, and two beers. I am a golden god.

Can you believe that last night's Monday Night Football game between the Giants and Cowboys was the highest rated program in the history of cable television?!? Stunner!

Absolutely no surprise, by the way, that the Giants mauled Dallas. Here's an excerpt from the recap on espn.com that I find particularly hilarious:

After Bledsoe's sack-filled first half performance ended in an interception, Tony Romo trotted in to start the second, when he was greeted by a standing ovation and chants of his last name.

Then, on his first snap, Romo threw an interception.

So telling. So funny. Like I've been saying, the Giants are contenders in the NFC. The Cowboys are definitely not and will be incredibly lucky to make the playoffs.


- If you had a sketch comedy show and saw a standup comic that didn't tell jokes, would you hire him for your staff?
- What's the probablity of getting an STD from a hooker in Amsterdam?
- I don't have a costume for Halloween and I don't know that I could be bothered. I should probably scrounge up something, though.
- Nobody loves you like your mama loves you, but who's loving your mama? I am. I am.
- Remember when Col. Tai killed his wife?! Holy frak! (I deserve no less than nine lashings for typing that. I will not enjoy it.)
- Game 3 of the World Series tonight. I really hope the Cardinals win this thing. A) I've got latent Oakland love for LaRussa. B) Screw Kenny Rogers. C) Where did all these Tigers fans come from?
- Who do I have to sleep with to go make TV in England, damn it?! I must know.
- You know, if you combined Norway and Brazil... well, then you'd have Norzil. Stupid.

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