Monday, October 02, 2006

My sorry ass: hating football, thinking about baseball? 

And it's all thanks to my favorite Oakland Raiders. They're the only team in the league that can blow a 21-3 lead in the second half against Charlie freaking Frye and the Cleveland Browns. At home! Given how clueless this franchise is, I wouldn't hesitate to call them hardest team to cheer for in sports today. Let's just give up and assassinate Al Davis, for crying out loud.

Horrible week 4. If Philly beats Green Bay tonight, I limp to a poor 8-6. If they cover, 5-9 vs the spread. Yaaargh... I don't know what I'm doing. But here's a running list of why the NFL can lick me, right now.

- Can't go ten seconds without hearing about Terrell Owens and it's only going to get worse when two teams I could give a crap about -- Dallas and Philadelphia -- play this Sunday... and then again, later this season.
- Peyton Manning is the face of the league and, by extension, the face of America. I think he's commercially endorsed by pretty much everyone. This is what we want? The yokol who puts up pretty numbers and has nothing to show for it? Great.
- The very thought that Albert Haynesworth might not be suspended for the rest of the season for stomping on an opposing player's exposed face with his cleets. Twice!
- Have I mentioned how frustrating it is supporting the Raiders?
- The idea that the NFL's return to New Orleans means it is a real city again. Sorry, no, it'll never happen. It was devastatingly poor before and it won't get any better.
- Fantasy Sports. I'm done with them. Did fantasy football almost every year up until this one, was very good at it -- won a few times -- then stopped caring. The fact that Tony Kornheiser has to mention every single fucking week in the Monday Night Football booth that so-and-so playing in the game is on his fantasy team just compounds it.
- Tony Kornheiser in the Monday Night Football booth.
- The Raiders, again.
- Vince Young gets more hype than LaDanian Tomlinson.
- FOX's pre-game/halftime/studio show.
- Al Davis: not dead.

Time to start caring about baseball, I suppose. The playoffs start tomorrow. Damn Detroit for losing yesterday to Kansas City. The loss means that the Tigers get the AL Wild Card while the dangerous Minnesota Twins clinch the AL Central. Why does that matter? Because the Twins are going to knock off the A's in the divisional playoffs. Detroit wouldn't have. Incidentally, it's weird that a DH should be a team's MVP, but that's exactly what Frank Thomas is for Oakland.
Twins over the A's (I hope I'm wrong) in four games -- Twins are hot and the A's pitching is too erratic.
Yankees sweep the Tigers -- Detroit has looked utterly average during the second half of the season and they're too young to deal with the Yankee mystique - even if Randy Johnson is out.
It's so easy to just pick the Yankees every year, but they haven't made it to the World Series since 2003 and haven't won since 2000. They're not the lock every casual fan thinks they are. Minnesota's pitching staff maybe be a bit questionable after Johan Santana, but they're the hottest team in the American League and recent history tells us to bet on them. Twins in six games over the Yanks.

Oh yeah. The National League. Forgot about them.
Mets in four over the Dodgers -- Not having Pedro Martinez may throw NY's rotation off, but they're good enough to beat LA.
Padres over the Cardinals in four -- Talk about backdooring your way into the playoffs, no one is less deserving of postseason play than St. Louis. With Pujols, anything is possible, but San Diego just looks the better team.
Since about July, everyone has been penning the Mets in as the National League rep for the World Series. They're loaded from top-to-bottom in the batting order and their pitching has been great. BUT... again, I have to come back to Pedro not being there. I really do think it's a bigger deal than people are willing to admit, even though he missed a few stints during the regular season and the Mets did okay. How much of that had to do with a weak National League? In the playoffs, you win with pitching, and I'm not convinced that the Mets -- with all their might -- can avoid a chockejob in the NLCS. Padres overcome homefield disadvantage, win in seven.

World Series
Twins vs Padres? Aside from being the new "lowest rated World Series in history" winner, it might be a good series. Then again, it might not. You want more? Suck it. Twins in five.

No food and no drink make Homer atone for his sins.

I'm bothered that it's already October.

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