Monday, October 30, 2006

Not dead yet 

It would appear that reports of the death of Studio 60 have been greatly exaggerated. Now, whether the show experiences a boom in quality is something else.

Also, not terribly surprising, but this year's World Series received the lowest ratings of any fall classic in history. Pretty embarrassing, MLB. Maybe if one out of every, oh, let's say seven baseballs supplied to the umpires were actually disguised plastic explosives -- perhaps then we'd see a ratings increase.

There's some concern out there that the Borat movie is being overhyped and that expectations are excessively high. For anyone unfamiliar with the character, I could see that as a problem. But for those who have seen him on Da Ali G, I think we all know exactly what to expect. The movie, by all accounts, is just an extension of the tv series, so to set expectations too high seems virtually impossible. Anyway, bring on the moviefilm.

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