Thursday, October 26, 2006

Viewing enjoyment 

A couple YouTube clips for you to delight in.

First, apparently this was on Defamer this morning, but if I had to pick one word to describe this video, it would be "stunning." I wonder if Kubrick made copies and passed them out to his friends when they were feeling blue or perhaps he and his buddies -- his reclusive buddies -- would just get drunk at his place sometimes and pop this in the VCR. Either way, just watch.

Second, Evegeni Malkin is a 20-year-old rookie from Russia for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Some are already calling him the best player, currently, in the world. High praise? For sure. But I submit this, Malkin has played four games and has a goal in everyone of them. This is his fourth and it's probably the goal of the season. And yes, I'm aware that we're still in October. First Ovechkin and Crosby last year, now Malkin. It's good to be a hockey fan, now.

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