Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who are the Tigers, anyway? 

Bunch of nobodies, that's who! Good enough to sweep Oakland, anyway. "Inept" is the word to describe the A's during this ALCS. Pretty rough way to go out: walk-off homer. Oh well, at least we got out of the ALDS.

Sad but true: watching TV on the internet is a far more pleasurable experience than watching on an actual television set. I refer you to exhibit A, Studio 60, which I watched on NBC.com this week. Though the show itself is starting to slip away from me, the lack of commercials actually gave it a flow -- something it's never had before (and something I wouldn't credit to the actual content either). Lack of 20+ minutes of commercials = good.

George Lucas showing up on Colbert Report on Wednesday was freaking hilarious.

The Nine isn't very interesting, two episodes in. I think that perhaps the burn is a little TOO slow. I'll give it one more chance before dumping it. Speaking of slow burns...

Lost wasn't very good last week, save for the last five minutes with the "Red Sox" bit. I think that one scene redeemed the entire episode for me. But Sayid's plans are still always retarded.

I think I'm looking forward to three movies and only three movies this season:
The Prestige
Casino Royale

I don't know of anything else out there worth thinking twice about. Not yet, anyway.

Week 5 in the NFL, I went 13-1 straight up (had to pick the Raiders, didn't I?), but only 6-8 vs the spread. Week 6...
These teams to cover:
San Diego
NY Jets

Take the points:

Dogs to win outright:
NY Giants

On to another night of mayhem and debauchery...

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