Sunday, October 08, 2006

Worst team ever 

It's not just that they lost this one, it's the manner in which they lost. Staggeringly pathetic and clueless. That's Oakland Raiders football. 0-16 looks like a strong reality. There's never been a tougher team to cheer for in perhaps the history of North American sports. No exaggeration.

At least Oakland's baseball team is making it happen. Excited that the A's will play the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS, as I prefer their chances against Detroit rather than the Yankees. I call infinite bullshit on the Tigers' excessive champaigne celebration in the stands after beating the Yanks, though. You just won the ALDS, not the World Series. At least pretend you thought you'd get this far. Should be a good series, anybody's game, but I think Detroit's focus is in doubt after watching how ballistic they went after merely advancing to the ALCS. Just happy to be here? A's in 7.

The one criticism you could possibly have about the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica is how unbelievably heavy-handed it was. I mean, bludgeon you over the head with thick metaphor, heavy-handed. However, that doesn't terribly diminish how awesome the 2-hour episode was. One of TV's best shows is back in a big way. I was particularly a big fan of how "big" Apollo has become. That shit was great.

Fake moustaches: they're great.

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