Thursday, November 16, 2006

I don't know what day it is 

Wednesday? Thursday? It's Thursday, right? Whatever. This week is a blur and it still feels like it should be Friday.

- Today at work, we had free Quiznos for lunch... complete with a financial planning presentation from some reps at Ameriprise. The lengths some people will go to for free food, eh? It was a tasty turkey sandwich, though.

- Too many birthdays in November. And they're all conflicting. What's it all mean? Scheduling pain in the ass. I hate bailing on anyone's b-day, so I'm trying my best (perhaps in vain) to hit up all five over the next couple days. Ugh... man, it's not like I was busy at all last weekend. Damn birthday gods. Harumph.

- Bond, James Bond. Casino Royale is going to be freaking awesome. Damned if I know when I'll see it, though (why? see above).

- My grandpa will be 95 on Monday. That'll also be 19 years to the day that I left that shitbag country. Fuckin' A.

- Speaking of which, South Africa just legalized gay marriage. How progressive! Good for them! Now all they have to do is embrace the fact that HIV causes AIDS and that there's no known cure to AIDS, no matter how many virgins you rape. Socially progressive, but still lost on education. Baby steps.

- Just found out that I have only two days of work next week. That's so hot. Thanksgiving, I would kiss you if you meant anything to me. Maybe I'll take this time to see the new 007. It may be my first actual chance.

- Only 8 days 'til Morongo. Hello terrycloth robes and loose milfs.

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