Monday, November 13, 2006

It's my Star Wars 

That was Asa's phrase to accurately describe my feeling towards... this....

Simply put: I cannot help it. I am going to see this movie. I'm compelled to cast judgement aside (against all better judgement) and march bravely into the theater to sit there and watch this... thing... this horrible picture of a dear love morphed into an unwieldy, shameless, mega-jillion dollar joke. I don't even watch the show, anymore, save for the occasional episode here and there, because it has fallen so far from grace, so far in quality, it may as well be in the seventh level of hell. And yet, like a moth to the flame, like a lemming realizing his pre-destined fate, I am prepared to throw away $11, 90+ minutes, and give myself yet another reason to cling tenaciously to my Simpsons DVDs more than ever -- just to remember what it's like to love this show more than anything else the idiot box has produced.

Would it be unfair to compare Matt Groening to George Lucas? I don't think it's too big a stretch. In this moment, I finally, fully appreciate what all those pained Star Wars fanatics (the ones with good taste, anyway) have suffered through since '99.

Who knows? Maybe it'll be good. Maybe, just maybe, the movie will fly in the face of all the tripe that the show has flung at us for the past eight years (I only fell off the wagon about four years ago). All I can hope for is that my soul doesn't die a little when I do see it in July. I have always sneered at anyone who ever suggested that there should be a Simpsons movie or claimed that there would be one and because A) it's an episodic series -- there is simply nothing about the show that could ever feel cinematic and B) Groening himself decried it time and again. "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" is about as close as this series will ever get to "event status" and that was a parody. And yet, here we are, staring mediocrity dead in the face and cheering.


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