Monday, November 06, 2006

Touch... Morongo... 

We can all agree that those Axe body spray commercials are pretty lame, yes? Lame to the point of absurd humor? Sure. Guy gets in an elevator, is then mauled by woman. Guy picks up his date, is mauled by her mother. And those ads aren't actually funny. That's why picking up some Axe body wash at Target yesterday is funny. How could I possibly resist a body soap labeled "Touch?" I picked up "Phoenix," too, just to mix things up. Also, spraying Axe body spray on eachother at the store is fun, by extension, making Target more fun.

Tower Records, for the record, deserves to be going out of business. They've been overpriced since the dawn of creation and the dvd section at the Sunset Blvd branch smelled like vomit. It was unpleasant.

Only 18 days 'til... Morongo...

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