Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An unconvincing victory... 

But a victory, nonetheless. Far be it from me to take the wind out of Democrat sails (well, whatever, be it), but to echo what the pundits said last night in so many words, the Dems takeover of the House and the Senate (apparently... there'll no doubt be a recount in VA and Lieberman may yet jump party lines once again) was more a response to Iraq than a shift in idealogy. 2004 was an election of determined by "moral values," just as '06 is a one-issue election, too. Just look around you and you'll blatantly see that progress -- in the real sense -- hasn't necessarily been made. Take Montana, for example. It's pretty damn preposterous (broken ballot machine or not) that this race is even close. Republican incumbent Conrad Burns was squarely in the back pocket of notorious Jack Abramoff, is an out-and-out racist, and received virtually no support from the GOP. Yet they're still counting votes this morning??? Outrageous! That, in a nutshell, should be an indicator to everyone in blue that this is far from over. Partisan politics is stronger than it's ever been and that's just sad. Burns is a villain and yet that race isn't called yet. Disgusting.

And in California, big business tobacco and oil were big winners. How depressing. Again, CA has two blue cities (granted, they're LA and San Fran) amongst a sea of red ones.

However! This is a momentous election as it struck a blow for (gasp!) checks and balances. Every retard who ever said that this nation will be a facist regime in two years evidentally forgot how the system (sometimes) works. You can only bend and break the rules and ignore the public so long before they lash back at you. I hope the White House is choking on it, this morning.

Also, for the record, I was switching back and forth last night between CNN and MSNBC and eventually just stuck on the latter. Teaming Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman? I like it! Is nice.

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