Friday, December 22, 2006

Movie least likely to make you pop a woodrow 

The Queen. Unless excellent direction and surprisingly interesting narrative really does it for you, you're likely to stay flacid down there. I really love how no one is flat out right or wrong in this squable and that it basically comes down to the heartless vs the mushheads with both sides being humanized. And wow, Tony Blair (played very well by Michael Sheen) was totally in the Underworld movies. How's that for serendipity? Also, if this film is any indication, Tony Blair has a lot of time on his hands, yeah? He's always at home, kicking it with the fam. Pretty sweet gig, that PM of Britain.

So yeah, really good film, Helen Mirren is going to win an Oscar, but don't you want to know her measurements? BECAUSE THEY'RE ON HER IMDB PAGE! I found that amusing. Helen Mirren was a babe!

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