Monday, December 11, 2006

The Robot Millionaire 

As I was walking down Sunset Blvd on Saturday night, I passed a very strange sight. On the second-floor of one of these cheap, dirty, whore-motels, staring out of the window, was this shirtless bald guy with stringy hair surrounding the crown of his head and tattoo sleeves just sort of groaning and staring out the window, banging on thin mesh screen that was dutifully preventing him from plunging to his death. Okay, so that's pretty weird, but at street level, looking up at the window is the raving lunatic of a homeless woman who I've seen several times before and she seems to be enjoying some sort of joke and this groaning, creepy guy's expense. Who really knows because the guy wasn't able to form any "words," but she was enjoying her end of the exchange. Anyway, I walk by and she yells to me while pointing to the tattooed groaner on the second floor, "THAT'S THE ROBOT MILLIONAIRE! THAT'S THE ROBOT MILLIONAIRE!" Then they both start laughing.

Dudes, Los Angeles is awesome. For realZZZ (three Zs, so you know I'm hardcore, dawg)!

Went to Dave & Buster's down in the dreaded O.C. for Mike's bday and it was good times. Minor issues with the establishment, though. One, all the good games either were broken or broke while someone was playing them that night (shooting range, pop-a-shot, some air raid simulators, and a driving game. Two, all the pool tables were snatched up by private party (what can you do?). Three -- and this is the biggie -- NO AIR HOCKEY! I even flagged down the Julia Stiles look alike who was working the floor for confirmation (and maybe to steal a kiss) and she said they wouldn't get any tables for at least a month. She also bailed before I could make "my move," so that was disappointing. But good times, all told!

There just don't seem to be a lot of interesting movies coming out, eh? I still want to see The Queen and The Envelope Please. Apocolypto looks really interesting, but I can't justify giving anymore money to Mel Gibson -- especially on a project he financed himself, meaning that the box office goes straight into his pocket. No, I'm content to wait until someone Netflixes it.

Aaaanyway... Robot Millionaire. Also, I look damn sexy in these new jeans I just purchased. You should all know. I've been told about 12 times already, "Damn, those jeans make me want to have sex with you."** Just sayin'...

**May not be true

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